Final fees June 2018

Advocating for fair and reasonable Development Impact Fees.

CBA spent over 2 years working with the city to assure updated Development Impact Fees had a direct nexus to the costs generated by new home and building owners.  We agree Development should pay for additional expense caused by new construction.  We also recognize there is an enormous backlog of maintenance work which is not caused by new development.  In addition, Chico is a destination for students, visitors and workers, creating additional costs (and income!) that is not all owed by new development.

Road Maintenance:  At its June 19 City Council meeting, the Council asked the Finance Committee to review means to pay for road maintenance.   The Chico Builders Association will follow the action on this, as will many other local businesses and associations.  Road maintenance is a must, and the lack of maintenance multiplies the damage and cost to ultimately fix.


How can we fix this

Bills to Watch, working their way through Sacramento.  Click the number to read more.