Section 8 Housing Construction

Housing Authority of the County of Butte (HACB) invites developers of property in the Counties of Butte and Glenn to submit proposals for participation in the Section 8 Project Based Voucher Program (PBV).
The primary purpose of this allocation is to create new rental units that are safe, decent and sanitary for rental to low income families. Specifically, the Housing Authority of the County of Butte is looking to project base vouchers for newly constructed units to special needs and conventional households within the jurisdiction of Butte and Glenn counties.
PBV assistance may be authorized for newly constructed housing (units developed pursuant to an agreement for use in the PBV program) only. All financing of project costs and operating expenses will be the responsibility of the owner. Rents that are established for the project will be commensurate with other comparable rents for similar rental units in the areas in which the project is located. Rents cannot exceed the maximum allowable under the Section 8 program for Butte County.
HACB will refer clients from its Section 8 waiting list and establish separate waiting lists for individual projects or buildings that are receiving PBV assistance. Rental assistance is available for a total not to exceed 300 units.
Note: Participation in the PBV Program requires compliance with Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Requirements, and Federal Labor Standards will apply to eligible projects.
Proposal documents can be obtained from:
Housing Authority of the County of Butte, 2039 Forest Ave, Chico, CA 95928
Contact Person: Tamra Young, (530) 895-4474 Ext. 214
All proposals are to be addressed to HACB at the same address as above, or by email at Only proposals in response to this invitation will be accepted for consideration. All proposals MUST be received no later than 4:00 P.M. December 11, 2019.