Housing Shortage Mushrooms

Our work prior to November 8 on land availability, the construction workforce shortage  and the housing shortage now must be revised and re-prioritized.

On November 8, housing needs in Butte County exploded when over 15,000 homes and multi-family units burned to the ground on the Ridge. 

  • Butte County has roughly 90,000 households.  The loss of 15,000 housing units means our county just lost about 17% of our housing stock.
  • Prior to the Camp Fire, Chico was home to about 50% of all Butte County residents.
  • It's a penetrating look at the obvious to say our workforce and our community just took an enormous housing hit.

The building and development community is working in partnership with the City of Chico, fellow local Cities, the County, elected officials and State/Federal agencies to make short term housing options available ASAP.

This is and must remain a public-private partnership if we are to get it done quickly.

It is vital to us that our community workers have a place to call home in the short term.

Watch for further developments.

Sincere thanks to everyone who is helping during this unprecedented disaster.