Coming Soon: Career Training

Construction Skills Training – Open and Locally-based

The Contractors’ Associations had already been meeting with Butte College about  creating construction skills training programs when the Camp Fire leveled 18,000 buildings.  Fortunately, local training should be available as early as February to introduce career-seekers to the skills and benefits of the trades.

We all agree young adults have been deprived of the opportunity to find their place in the trades.  Instead, students are directed to be college-ready and competent to pass entrance exams.  Yet right here in their home towns are fulfilling jobs where workers can earn as they learn.  The need to rebuild the affected Fire areas puts more urgency, more opportunity and more promise into these unoccupied jobs.

Chico Builders Association (CBA) and Valley Contractors Exchange (VCE) have met with Butte College, Butte Office of Education and other adult training providers.  There is money available for classroom training, and local employers ready to provide on-the-job-training.  The training and employer communities, along with elected officials, agree training that is transparent and open to all is the training that will be successful.

The Camp Fire has generated media attention on the lack of construction skills training by our education providers.  We are proud that our local schools, both K-12 and post-high school, have stepped up to the challenge.  Our Association members look forward to providing the OJT in partnership with the schools’ classroom curriculum.

Check out this cool news piece about what we are doing.